The combination of more than 1,600 trees, 2 lakes and the green mantle that surrounds the whole course, transports us effectively to a haven of tranquility. A golf course but in small dimensions to make it afford for people who start, and those who want to make 18 holes in a maximum time of 2 hours and a half.

Course Map

Score card map
Score card map – Golf Castelló-Empuriabrava

Score card

* Actual game card measurements vary by course maintenance.


Holes List

Hole 1

Quite easy start, with direct route, a little uphill but very soft, with some trees to the left. Very open green with a very smooth slope from right to left.

CAT76 m.Handicap 18
EPPA67 m.Handicap 13
Hole 2

Exit a little high, out of bounds on the right. Entrance to green blocked by a frontal bunker. Green with double slope from left to right and back to front.

CAT76 m.Handicap 18
EPPA70 m.Handicap 2
Hole 3

This is the longest hole in the course, a very open street with good visibility, out of bounds on the right. The green is slightly elevated and quite flat.

CAT111 m.Handicap 1
EPPA46 m.Handicap 18
Hole 4

This hole is similar to 3 with open street and out of bounds on the right. The lake surrounds the green from the back. The green is large, with a gentle slope rising.

CAT96 m.Handicap 6
EPPA77 m.Handicap 3
Hole 5

In this hole we have the out of limits to the right and the lake to the left. The green is wide and sloping steeply to the left.

CAT83 m.Handicap 9
EPPA73 m.Handicap 1
Hole 6

Hole quite committed, out of bounds to the right and the bottom. To the left, first the lake and then the bunker next to the green. This one, receives us with a gentle slope of the center towards the bottom.

CAT90 m.Handicap 3
EPPA78 m.Handicap 7
Hole 7

This hole with 103 meters long, to the left of the exit the lake, and an olive tree blocking the entrance to green, has its point of difficulty. The green is practically flat and slightly elevated.

CAT103 m.Handicap 2
EPPA47 m.Handicap 14
Hole 8

Easy hole with fairly open street and good visibility. The only obstacle is the bunker on the left of the entrance to the green. The green rises from the middle of it and slopes to the left.

CAT93 m.Handicap 7
EPPA55 m.Handicap 15
Hole 9

This hole is one of the shortest in the field, but it has a group of trees to the right of the green that make it more complicated. The green is high and with a slight upward slope.

CAT79 m.Handicap 14
EPPA49 m.Handicap 16
Hole 10

Hole of 85 meters with good visibility and with a green defended by a left front bunker. Pretty flat green with no major complications.

CAT85 m.Handicap 11
EPPA77 m.Handicap 8
Hole 11

Straight hole with a bunker to the left of the green. We found the green with a little elevation and slope ascending.

CAT91 m.Handicap 13
EPPA77 m.Handicap 17
Hole 12

This hole is quite open, very short and with the only difficulty of the two trees that flank the entrance to the green. The green is very wide and a little high.

CAT77 m.Handicap 15
EPPA68 m.Handicap 11
Hole 13

Open hole, a bit on the rise, and with the difficulty of the out of bounds on the right. The green is high and with a gentle slope from back to front.

CAT71 m.Handicap 16
EPPA71 m.Handicap 12
Hole 14

Hole very open, a little on the rise, has as complication the trees on the left and the bottom. The lake right on the edge of the green at the back. The green is small, elevated and sloping forward.

CAT80 m.Handicap 5
EPPA70 m.Handicap 5
Hole 15

This hole is very short, but one of the most difficult because you has to cross the lake, and the green is hidden behind the trees. The green is quite flat, without any complications.

CAT62 m.Handicap 17
EPPA62 m.Handicap 6
Hole 16

This hole is similar to the previous one but longer, it also has the difficulty to cross the lake and out of bounds to the bottom. The green is broad with a steep slope from back to front.

CAT77 m.Handicap 8
EPPA66 m.Handicap 9
Hole 17

Another hole with the difficulty of crossing the lake and the green is blocked by two groups of trees that make it more complicated. The green is quite flat, a bit small but without difficulties.

CAT77 m.Handicap 10
EPPA42 m.Handicap 10
Hole 18

Hole long and straight, but it is quite easy, the driving range to the right (outside limits). The green is very large and with a gentle slope forwards.

CAT104 m.Handicap 4
EPPA86 m.Handicap 4